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PERSONAL GROWTH - Based on real life and truth!

In the twenty one chapters of this book, you are bound to find a reflection of yourself and your own life experiences. With that said, I hope you will also experience and embrace the simple side of life.

All for only $19.95 per book U.S.

This book will make a great gift to someone you know who has, more often than not, experienced the dark side of life but who is genuinely searching for that second chance of a personal resurrection.

Last updated 2/2/2009
A Simple Taste of Chapter Seven entitled, Cat's Out of the Cradle: "We are in charge of our own history, and only we can decide if history is going to repeat itself......I formed a new link in the chain that I broke."
A Simple Taste of Chapter Nineteen entitled, Above and Be Blonde:  "Kaylyn was 11 years old when we came into each other's lives.  She was extremely open to nature and loved to learn.  The first time I took her fishing, she was up to her armpits in 50 degree water, chasing rainbow trout with me in the river.  Kay was any father's dream when it came to learning and enthusiasm for nature; she soaked it up like a sponge..."
A Simple Taste of Chapter Three entitled, Put Me In, Coach:  "Bret stayed in for about eight batters and he was shelled like a bag of hot peanuts, but it was his day and no one could take it away.  He owned that day and he captured the moment.  The only way to define that particular time is simply complete.  I have never seen an eight-year-old stand ten feet tall, but I saw it that day.  It changed us, forever..." 
A Simple Taste of Chapter Twelve entitled, The Truth About Birthdays:  "If I would have just said, 'Mom, I am not lyin, and I ain't no Hawaiian.  So for goodness sake, forget the upside down and bring me some chocolate cake...."